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There are two men behind this site, Eric D. Snider and Jeff J. Snider. They are brothers, and they are the only people in their family who feel the need to use their middle initials when referring to themselves. Some therapists think it is a coping tool, a crutch if you will. Others think they are just two pretentious jerks. They like to think the truth lies somewhere in between.

The man who started this site is Eric D. Snider, a California-bred writer, humorist, and film critic who moved to Portland, Oregon, after annoying everyone in Utah. (Ten years after, but after nonetheless.) His “Snide Remarks” column has made him most infamous, though his work with the now-defunct Garrens Comedy Troupe is equally shameful. His film and theater reviews manage to rankle a few folks now and then, too.

Jeff is Eric’s younger brother, and he took this site over when Eric’s other responsibilities made it impossible for him to continue. Wouldn’t you know it, then, that within a matter of months, Jeff went back to college, Eric got dismissed from his job, and Jeff got married. Who’s got responsibilities now???