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Contributed by Tom

The contributor found several essays with the same opening line on some computers at his high school. They were apparently part of some creative writing exercise. He has archived some of the more interesting ones on this site:


Contributed by Jeff

A website devoted to haikus honoring actor Paulo Costanzo:


Sample from the site:

I want to see you,
Sweet, scrawny Canadian,
Come over tonite.
~Peijean Tsai

Contributed by Skeevy McGee

This is just a small snippet of a terrible script found at Simply Scripts: http://www.simplyscripts.com/scripts/12feetdeep.html

(Sequence opens with a submarine in the deep waters of the Gulf of
Mexico. It is very dark, the submarine is barely visible and all that
can be clearly seen is the lights. The Narrator introduces the scene
with a dark voice over)

Narrator: For hundreds of year’s people thought creatures like the loch
ness monster were a hoax, guess what, they were wrong. Everybody likes
to think that they can believe what they see, but when they see what
they believe, it will be the last thing they will ever see.

Contributed by CC

(From the contributor: “I was looking for bridal shower resources on the internet. This was the first thing to pop up. (from http://www.bridal-shower-etiquette-a.us). I have not altered it in any way.” Editor’s note: The reason I have not made a link to that site is because it is full of popup ads, and I care too much about my readers to do that.)

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Contributed by Audrey

(From the contributor: “Apparently it was started by some overzealous (or overly bored) students at Rice University in 1995 during finals week. On the site you will find photos and lab reports of their scientific experiments (all of which involve the Twinkie as the experimental medium of choice) as well as a series of haikus documenting the experience.”)


Contributed by Steve Gardner

(From the contributor: “I just wanted a little help calculating activity points for weight loss, and I got a good laugh in the process.”)


Contributed by Tob Tolbert

You just have to see it. Funny on several levels:


Contributed by Heather Manwaring

“Keep your hearts warm while the weather is cool.”


Contributed by Erica Himebaugh

The Website of Russian rapper ILL Mitch.


Contributed by Sheri Kelly

Indo Pimp

Am I not hot?

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