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Hey everyone, we know you’ve heard this before, but … we’re coming back! It’s been too long since we’ve posted here, but we have some good stuff built up in the email reservoir, so we’ll start updating again soon.

One bit of a change you may have noticed, though: the site is officially at now. The old domain,, will now redirect to this page. The name of the site hasn’t really changed, we’ve just changed the domain name. For that matter, has redirected to the longer URL for a couple years, so all we really did is reverse things to help people remember the URL a little better.

Look for new content in the next couple days!

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I just posted the first entry here on the site in almost exactly nine months, which is, coincidentally, the gestation period of the human being. No, really, it’s a coincidence Yes, my wife DID give birth during this nine-month hiatus, but that had nothing to do with the lack of new content here lately. That was purely the result of my own laziness or busyness or, more likely, a combination of the two.

So anyway, this is my semi-annual commitment to do better, to bring you content on a more regular basis, and all that stuff. Call it my mid-June resolution, if you will.

Keep those submissions coming, and you may find yourself on the most popular website in all of the Interland! (Although I can’t imagine that the two would be related.)

Hugs and kisses,
Jeff J. Snider

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As you may have noticed, we post a lot more items in the “Conversations, Statements, and Quotations” section than in any other (more than twice as many as the next closest category, and more than five times as several other categories). The reason for this? Well, we get a lot more submissions that fit that category than any other.

So we are now requesting that our loyal readers, our eyes and ears to the world, keep an eye out for things in other categories and submit them. With digital cameras and camera phones and whatnot, we should surely have more entries for the Photos section, for one. All of the categories definitely have potential; it’s just that the overheard statements are the easiest to deal with, because you can just make a mental note and write it down later or whatever.

So please, keep those submissions coming, and keep your eyes out for the other categories. Don’t stop sending your quotes, just start sending other stuff too!

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As of February 15, 2006, WeMadeOut version 3.0 is live and active! Here are a few highlights of this latest version:

  1. A new and improved contact form. Previously, folks could submit things for the site using our contact form, but if the submission was a photo or some other sort of image, they would have to fire up an email client and send it manually. This was less convenient for them and for me, so I decided to do something about it. The contact form now has an attachment option, so the user can send an attachemnt via email directly through the contact form.
  2. The site is now powered by WordPress, which makes me very happy. WordPress is THE best blogging software in the world, and I realized a while back that while WeMadeOut isn’t technically a blog, its content is suited perfectly for a blog-style website.
  3. Being powered by WordPress, WeMadeOut also now enjoys all the cool features of WordPress, including RSS feeds and the ability to post comments on entries.
  4. You can now access the WeMadeOut site not only by typing in the really long link, but also by typing in

Check out the new features, and feel free to comment here and let us know what you like and what you hate.